Round one of my first commendations of the year

One the best parts of my job as Headteacher at Churchill is the time I get to spend with our students. I try to make time to talk to as many as possible during the day, whether on duty or on my daily “walk the school” when I visit lessons and see how things are going. I am always impressed by our students’ achievements, their humour, and – of course – their kindness, curiosity and determination.

One of the real highlights is when I get students sent to me so I can congratulate them on their achievements. These can be things they’ve achieved in and out of school, academically or personally – but, most regularly, it’s when students hit the milestone to be awarded a Headteacher’s Commendation.

The Academy’s rewards milestones

A Headteacher’s Commendation is awarded when a student has amassed 125 conduct points in a single academic year. Conduct points are the sum of reward points (positive) and concerns (negative). We always want to see students with positive conduct points scores, as this shows their rewards outnumber their concerns – but the higher the positive score, the better!

Rewards can be earned for anything from good homework or classwork, contributions to lessons, showing the Academy’s values, participating in activities or representing the Academy. Amassing 100 points or more is quite an achievement – so hitting 125 is extra special.

I was delighted to hear that the first six students had reached the Headteacher’s Commendation milestone this month. This achievement means they have racked up conduct points of a rate of three every two school days! Last year, I was handing out certificates virtually via email – but this year, I have had the pleasure of being able to meet our commended students in person again.

Now that I have given out my first certificates of the year, I know that more will follow. That means I can look forward to weekly visits to and from groups of students whose dedication, effort, application and contribution has earned them the right to receive their certificates. I can’t wait!

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